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Water Heater Repair and Installation

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Water Heater Services in Lafayette, IN, and Surrounding Areas

Never run out of hot water again with Powell Heating and Cooling’s exceptional water heater services in Lafayette, IN. Our experts specialize in water heater repair, installation, and maintenance. We understand the importance of having a well-functioning water heater for everyday comfort. Our services include regular inspection, tank flushing, insulation, temperature testing, anode rod replacement, and more. We value your time and offer upfront pricing with no hidden charges. Our well-trained team ensures that your water heater is in peak condition all year round. Contact us for reliable water heater services!

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Maintenance Matters

Longevity in Every Drop

Our team of water heater contractors is dedicated to providing you with quality service that will extend the life of your water heater and ensure consistent hot water. By opting for our water heater services in Lafayette, IN, you not only get immediate repairs but also a long-lasting system.

Proper maintenance includes:

  • Regular Inspection: To catch issues early.
  • Flushing the Tank: To prevent sediment build-up.
  • Insulating the Tank and Pipes: For energy efficiency.
  • Temperature Control: To ensure optimum performance.
  • Anode Rod Replacement: To avoid rust in the tank.