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When It Comes to Comfort Call Powell

We at Powell Heating and Cooling ensure your comfort in every season. With our range of HVAC services, experience the joy of a cozy winter and the coolness of a refreshing summer. Trust us for quality and excellence.

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Premium Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

Experience blissful cooling with our premier air conditioning services. Powell Heating and Cooling is a maestro in AC repair and installation, delivering exceptional quality. Our prompt and reliable services ensure your cooling systems operate seamlessly, granting you a refreshing indoor retreat.

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Expert Heating Repairs and Replacement Services

Relish in the cozy embrace of your home with our top-notch heating services. From meticulous repairs to adept replacements and maintenance, our highly-skilled team is relentless in ensuring your space is warm and inviting. Choose Powell Heating and Cooling for the pinnacle of heating solutions.

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Efficient Water Heater Repair and Installation

Submerge in the comfort of uninterrupted hot water with our comprehensive water heater services. From routine maintenance to adept installations, our experts are proficient in maximizing efficiency and lifespan. Entrust Powell Heating and Cooling with your water heater needs for peerless results.

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Innovative Geothermal Installation and Repair

Transition to a sustainable lifestyle with our avant-garde geothermal services. Powell Heating and Cooling excels in installing and repairing geothermal systems, utilizing Earth’s inherent thermal energy for efficient heating and cooling. Join the green revolution with us for a sustainable future.

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Seamless Mini-Split Installations for Every Space

Discover bespoke climate control with our exquisite mini-split installations. Powell Heating and Cooling’s compact and robust mini-splits render powerful cooling and heating, without sacrificing space. Revel in the opulence of personalized temperature settings in every nook and cranny of your domain.

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A Name You Can Trust

Lafayette, IN AC & Furnace Repair | Trusted HVAC Service

Quality Work, Honest Pricing, Timely Service

Welcome to Powell Heating and Cooling, Lafayette, IN’s premier AC and furnace repair specialists. We are a team of certified professionals who take pride in providing top-quality, comprehensive services in heating and air conditioning. Our expertise extends beyond simple repairs and maintenance to include system installations, routine check-ups, and expert advice on energy efficiency.

No matter the season, our team is committed to ensuring your home environment remains comfortable and safe. In the cold of winter, if your furnace decides to malfunction, our professionals will be there to quickly restore warmth and coziness to your home. During the heat of summer, you can rely on us to quickly and efficiently resolve any air conditioner issues, ensuring you and your family can stay cool and comfortable.

Beyond immediate repairs, we also provide routine maintenance services. Regular HVAC maintenance can drastically reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns, extending the lifespan of your systems, improving their efficiency, and saving you money on energy bills. We offer customizable maintenance plans tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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We specialize in:

We’re not just trying to sell you heating and cooling; we’re trying to sell you comfort. Our upfront pricing ensures that there are no surprises. We understand the importance of having a comfortable home and business premises. That’s why our services are designed to be efficient, reliable, and affordable. Comfort is an essential aspect of life, and we are here to enhance that for you with our expertise.

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Avail free estimates, veteran & senior citizen discounts. Call Powell Heating and Cooling for heating & cooling solutions.

Exciting Offers & 24/7 Emergency Services!

Need Your Air Conditioner or Furnace Fixed? Call Our HVAC Pros!

HVAC issues can occur without warning, creating uncomfortable and potentially hazardous living conditions. Whether it’s the peak of summer or the depths of winter, timely repair of your air conditioner or furnace is crucial. That’s where Powell Heating and Cooling steps in. Our team of highly skilled HVAC professionals in Lafayette, IN, is just a phone call away.

We pride ourselves on our three core values: honesty, up-front pricing, and fantastic warranties.


We believe that trust is the backbone of any good service, and we earn that trust by being completely transparent with our customers. Our technicians will thoroughly diagnose your HVAC issues and explain the necessary repairs in clear, understandable terms. We won’t suggest unnecessary repairs or upgrades; we provide the services that you need to get your system running efficiently.

Up-Front Pricing

Nothing is more frustrating than hidden costs and surprise charges. At Powell Heating and Cooling, we’ve done away with this practice. After diagnosing the issue, we provide you with a comprehensive, itemized quote before we begin any work. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it’ll cost—no last-minute surprises.

Fantastic Warranties

We stand by the quality of our work. That’s why we offer robust warranties on all our repairs and installations. You can have peace of mind knowing that our work is guaranteed to last, protecting you from future expenses.

When HVAC problems strike, don’t hesitate. Call Powell Heating and Cooling—the HVAC pros who truly value your comfort, your trust, and your satisfaction.

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Get Your Air Conditioning or Heating Repaired ASAP | Call Today!

At Powell Heating and Cooling, we’re more than just service providers. We’re dedicated partners in maintaining your home’s comfort, providing you with peace of mind knowing your HVAC and plumbing systems are in capable hands. Your comfort is our top priority, and we’re here for you around the clock, every day of the year.

Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioning or heating system disrupt your comfort. Get your system repaired as soon as possible by reaching out to our dedicated team in Lafayette, IN.

Promptness is paramount in our services. We understand how urgent HVAC issues can be, which is why we prioritize quick response times without compromising the quality of our work. With our expert team on your side, you can get your air conditioning or heating system back to peak performance faster than you thought possible.

Call Powel Heating and Cooling today to schedule a visit from our professionals. We’re ready to handle your HVAC problems swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your comfort is restored in no time.

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